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"The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend."

— Cali Rae Turner


Is there anything better than a sister?  I have two - and while we frequently drive each other up the wall, I really know how fortunate to have them.  I wonder if Ella and Abby know yet how fortunate they are to have each other... Only time will tell.  This family is seriously beautiful, just the perfect adorable family.  Ella and Abby have such sweet and hilarious little personalities.  They have affectionate and crazy pups named Penny and Gus.  I loved spending time with these wonderful people.  

I feel so strongly about the importance of family sessions or sibling sessions.  Time passes faster and faster everyday, it feels like, and in a world of camera phones, its easy to think we are capturing the moments - which to some degree is true.  But I also think its important to document the everyday - climbing up the walls, cooking with dad, doing homework at the desk, chasing the dogs around the yard... or the other way around - those beautiful everyday moments go by so fast! 

I know, I say this over and over again but ... I LOVE in home sessions!  This session is no exception. We started the session at a nearby trail where they love to ride bikes and explore and then headed back to the house for some brownie making, some puppy dog loving and cozying up with sister reading time.