Friends with Kiddos | Massachusetts Outdoor Childhood Photographer | Westfield MA

"There's something about childhood friends that you just can't replace."

Lisa Whelchel

Childhood friends are the best.  They are the people we laugh over half told stories with, the ones we feel safe with - they are the people we are our truest self with. So what happens when four long time friends start getting married and having babies?  Naturally, these babies must be friends like their moms!  I think every girl dreams of their group of friends having babies at the same time and those babies growing up to be best friends like their moms.  Not every group of friends hit those milestones at the same time so its incredibly special when they do! 

This was such a cool session.  Four kiddos under the age of 3 certainly had its challenges from a shoot perspective but man, they are all so stinking adorable.  Arian is a bundle of energy - which is fine with me.  I love kiddos in their truest form!  Daniela started off a little shy but once her and Arian started playing, she was adorably playful and even brave enough to jump off the rocks!  Riley knows me well enough to immediately put on the perfect camera face!  And baby Ruby - man, she has gotten SO big since her newborn session!  She has beautiful blue eyes and light hair - she reached the age where everything is interesting, from the grass to Daniela's belt!  Xiara and Gaby decided to add on to the package so they could get a couple of them with their little ones.  It was so worth it.  Those mommy-son and mommy-daughter moments were so incredibly precious!  

This sessions is giving me #squadgoals... Just saying. 

I am thinking of starting to offer friendship sessions for kiddos and adults... Would anyone be interested in this idea?  Comment and let me know what you think!