Megan & Ray | Connecticut Engagement | Fairfield CT


I am beyond overjoyed, dear friends.  I cannot believe I am so fortunate to be able to spend the rest of my life with this man I love so much, I am beyond excited and grateful.  

I don't know how but Ray TOTALLY surprised me - which is very hard to do. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a total planner - I plan every detail of my life at a to-do list type level.  Ray had admitted his worry was never about my answer, but instead him trying to really surprise me.  

So how did Ray's perfect surprise go down?

We had concert tickets to one of my favorite musicians, Joshua Radin, on Thursday evening.  I drove down to Fairfield, CT to meet up with Ray and a couple we are friends with to catch the show.  When we got there, Ray confused me by making our dinner reservations for 7, even though the opener went on at 7:45.  I tried to convince him to just head to the restaurant, in hopes they would seat us early.  He insisted he already had talked to them and this was the last reservation, but there was a beach around the corner from the restaurant that we could catch sunset at.  Ray and I have been sunset chasers from our very first date in September - so this plan of his didn't even raise my eyebrow.  

I had been in a weird mood all week.  I blame it on my sensitivity to the gray skies, I was itching for spring.  Fortunately, this made me completely nonobservant to a few key things that could have tipped me off.  We literally walked up onto the beach and it wasn't until we were standing about 10 feet away from his beautiful setup that I realized what was happening.  My response when it finally clicked?

"Oh my goodness Raymond!! Is this it?!?  Is this happening?!?"

I couldn't even believe this was happening and I had zero clue.  I mean, look how beautiful he set everything up.  

I was shocked. 

I love being curled up in a blanket, which Ray is very well aware.  So he wrapped me up in one of the blankets and had me sit down.  Then he pulled out his guitar and sang me a song he wrote for me.  


It was so sweet but to be honest, I was so overwhelmed!  I was half processing what was happening, half telling myself not to cry - I did miss some of the words.  Thankfully he has them written down for me to safely treasure.  


And then he came over to me and got down on one knee!

I was choked up and I just wanted him to give me a hug, I didn't even take more than a glance at the ring.  

And when he asked, my answer?

"Of course!"

So not only were our friends Tara and Noah there, since they were in on the plan as our fellow concert goers, but Ray was so sweet to invite both of our sets of parents to witness the moment.  


Clearly by this beautiful story you are following, he also invited a dear friend and fellow photographer to document this life changing moment.  


(Thanks you Aryanne!!!!)  


We took a walk down the beach to just bask in our new status as fiance and fiancee!

We did end up having dinner reservations and we did make it to the Joshua Radin concert - both which were amazing!  However... This day will be one in our history book for the more important moment.

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Breton!!!  We are getting married!!!!!

All photos courtesy of ARYANNE PEREIRA PHOTOGRAPHY.  Check her out.  She's an amazing photographer and an even better friend.