Brenda & Corbin | Western Massachusetts Camp Wedding

"True love stories never have endings."

Richard Bach

Last year, I had the pleasure of shooting Brenda & Corbin's wedding.  Brenda is a good friend of my sister and she saw my work when I was JUST starting out.  She saw what I did and trusted me and I am truly grateful to her for that. 

Every time Brenda and I would discuss the wedding, the word that was thrown around repeatedly was fun and she really nailed everything about it.  From all her homemade details to all the activities planned, from start to finish it was just fun.  Brenda and Corbin rented out Camp Howe for the weekend festivities and truly made it a full weekend affair with guests being able to stay in the cabins and enjoy entertainment that continued through the wedding day itself!  I kid you not when I say there was multiple musical performers, a lantern send off over the water and fire dancers.  (Yes, I just said fire dancers - and yes, it was amazing!)

Their wedding day was a combining of their families, of their 4 sons and really just celebrating the love of these two fun and loving people.