Elizabeth | Western Massachusetts Senior Portrait Session

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” 

Danny Kaye


I love my seniors - I seriously do.  Each of them is so unique and special - which are all super cliche things to say! But the reality is, we live in a world that wants to make everyone conform - it even want their nonconformity to conform to what it deems right and wrong.  So when I meet my seniors and they are themselves, they embrace who they are - its such an important reminder to be true to yourself.

Elizabeth was so quiet when we first met up but slowly she got more and more comfortable, letting her guard down to show me the lovely and kind person she is on the inside.  Then her confidence came out - she started getting into the photo experience, lost the awkwardness everyone initially has in front of the camera.  Such a sweetheart.  I wish all my senior sessions could start with the unselfish request to take a couple pictures with her 5 year old brother because he graduated kindergarten this year too, and sessions that end with us weave little flowers we picked into her hair while we watched the sun go down.