Danielle & Yoshiro | East Windsor Connecticut Wedding

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

- Max Ehrmann

This wedding still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.  Not because of the stunning gown (which it was), not because of the beautiful setting for the portraits (which it was), not because I have known Danielle for almost a decade (which I have).  No, this wedding was special because of the people it brought together.  

Danielle and Yoshiro met at an international convention - and don't remember it.  In fact, it wasn't until Yoshiro left his home in Japan and Danielle left her home in the States that they would meet again - this time while serving where the need is great in Peru.  Their love blossomed as they put God first in their lives.  Together, these two selfless people bonded not over English or Japanese, but the spiritual language guiding their self sacrificing service (well, both speaking Spanish definitely helped too!).  

After falling in love and getting engaged, both went back to their respective "home countries" and patiently planned with wedding.  However, instead of focusing on buying a house or planning a lavish honeymoon - they made the decision to continue in their assignment in Peru.  

This wedding was filled with love, with faces from countries all over the world.  The opening prayer and the talk was given in English, their vows in Spanish and the closing prayer in Japanese.  There was a beautiful musical performance by the groom's friend and brother in Japanese.  Danielle and her father shared a beautiful dance.  The couple showed their beloved guests how well they knew each other with a lively round of the shoe game.  A beautiful slideshow of the couple's love story was shown, as well as both of their fathers taking a moment to encourage their children with wise words and thankfulness.  The whole time, the multiple languages being spoke were translated on a screen so all in attendance could take part in the event.  

It still makes me a bit choked up now.  

Danielle & Yoshiro - I am so happy that you found each other a world away.  I am positive that Jehovah is only going to continue to shower you two with blessings as you continue to put him first in your lives and in your marriage.