Mr & Mrs Hudson | Salisbury Massachusetts Beach Bridal Session

"It was just that we had this phenomenal honeymoon relationship that just kept on going." 

- James Levine

Your wedding day is going to be amazing.  Its going to be filled with family and friends and lots of love.  

But it is also going to be on a strict timeline with location restraints - because when you get married, that one day has to hold A LOT of activities and events within in.  Sometimes, sneaking away for even a half hour can delay the rest of the timeline of events substantially.  Sometimes, just nerves take over and you feel anxious and rushed instead of being able to relax and enjoy the moment with your newly wed spouse!  

This is where an after wedding couples session can be the perfect solution.  Dreaming of wedding pictures on a mountain - but getting married in a banquet hall?  Imagining your dress on the beach - but your reception is in a hotel?  Or just wishing you could have found a half hour for a private relaxed session with your amazing new spouse - without bridesmaids, groomsmen or family members waiting for their group shot?

Whether you were unhappy with your wedding pictures, had hoped for something different or just want to put your wedding dress back on - an after wedding couple session is the way to go.  

I shoot limited weddings a year but I am always available for a session like this.  Contact me below for more information!